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Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

How long would I need a doula for?

Positive Birth offer support during pregnancy to individuals and groups of women. After the birth, a doula usually supports the mother in the first few weeks, for a couple of hours each day.

The help she gives varies from client to client – from gaining confidence in bathing the baby, to providing a listening ear for the mother who may want to discuss her experience of giving birth. Positive Birth is a growing service, adapting to the needs of the local community.

Where do Fathers fit in?

An important facet of the doula’s belief is that labour should be a female dominated activity, but they are there to support the father as well as the mother. The doula is not there to take over the father’s role, but to give him confidence, enabling him to support his partner.

There is a gradual backlash to the pressure for men to be at the birth, and where a couple do not feel comfortable with the father attending the birth, a doula can stand in for him.

Hospital or home?

Positive Birth will support the mother wherever she decides to give birth (or wherever she may end up!) We recognise the importance of a postive birth memory and strive to make the woman feel good about her labour and birth experience, wherever it takes place.

What Training do Doulas have?

Positive Birth doulas have attended the courses led by renowned obstetrician, Dr Michel Odent, an advocate of home births and pioneer of water births or another recommended doula training or equivalent course.

Much of the training focuses on the physiology of birth. During the labour, a doula uses her skills and experience to interpret the situation well enough to offer emotional support, provide physical comfort measures, give an objective viewpoint and be in a position to gain information which will enable the mother to make informed decisions.