The word ‘doula’ comes from the Greek word meaning a woman who has given birth herself and gives another woman help and assistance. It’s an old tradition but one that is as relevant as ever today. Our modern lives mean that traditional family support is not always there for expectant mothers. For many reasons the immediate support of grandmothers, mothers or sisters won’t be available. The doula is there to take their place and offer the same care and support. She’s there to offer practical guidance and emotional help. Above all she is there to listen. She’s someone you can be completely honest and open with about how you are feeling because she’s been there herself. As well as providing help she is there to create an environment where a woman giving birth can feel safe and secure. She is also there to listen, and to act as a communicator between the mother, her partner and the midwife.

Studies have shown that the presence of a doula at the birth has a positive effect on mother and baby. Labours can be shorter and less painful and there are less caesarean births. This means a happier experience for mothers and consequently healthier babies and provides the best possible start for the relationship between mother and baby.

Antenatal and Birth Packages

Chaya offers a comprehensive birth package for £600 plus travelling expenses in the Bath area. The package is designed to give you all of the support you need, making sure your concerns are addressed, questions answered and reassurance and guidance given.

  • Free initial consultation that lasts for up to an hour.
  • Two home visits before the birth. During these visits Chaya will establish an understanding of your needs and concerns while building a positive relationship so that she can provide the necessary practical and emotional support. (Additional visits can be arranged for a fee)
  • Available by phone and/or e-mail and on-call for you, twenty-four hours a day, two weeks before your due date until labour begins.
  • Attend the birth when labour starts and to be with you when you need her.
  • Use of an inflatable birth pool (you will need to supply your own disposable liner which costs about £30).
  • Your own unique birth story, written for your baby within six weeks of the birth.

Please see Postnatal Support page for further information on support available for the postnatal period only.